Why me?

Why me?

So why to print with a print manager?


If anything is wrong with the files, prepress will ask you to correct it. Well, not always this is so easy from the level of a designer, especially under time pressure or with some complicated laborious tasks. Luckily, there are situations in which PDF artwork can be fixed without designer’s intervention and I can then help or at least explain how you can fix it if I cannot.

Production control

Not for every book but certainly for those that need special attention I supervise print and binding. In general, I trust those I work with but some projects do need an additional pair of eyes, I am trying to be the customer’s eye looking at the product as mine, in the end I will take the responsibility, with my own money, for what you, my dear customer, will receive.

Time is money – I know

I am certain, not once or twice have you received an e-mail saying that for this and that reason the job is delayed and that nothing can be done. I am sorry to inform you, that somehow this is natural. I am used to it. The point however is, that there are often ways to either find a way to overcome the problem or, if this is not possible at least save time by direct delivery. I do care, so I do it and in fact, never ever have I failed for a presentation or meeting where books were needed sometimes driving with them myself to save customer’s reputation.

Hell, that printer can hardly speak English!

Well, I think I can. Not perfect but as a former teacher of this language, I guess communicating with me should rather go smoothly. Over years I have learned the printing language, which might be useful for book production.