How i work


Here are some basic aspects of my daily grind:


First of all, I analyze the project to work on in detail. Materials, binding, print, delivery time and all the other requirements. They are the key factors that need to be taken into account when sending the job to a given printer. I also provide my customers with all the necessary information related to their project, such as possible risks.

Printer selection

Next, I make my decision who to send the project to in order to get the best results and most favorable costs.

Throughout my career I have established good relationships with printers in Poland, either by working together as partners for one project, or simply letting them do the job. I have learned about their strengths and weaknesses – you can never find out about weaknesses on a printer’s website, can you – so I seem to know, which one to choose for a given project to make it.

Artwork verification


Of course, you are the best publisher and your designers are doing a great job! I know this, but in print there are so many tricks to find, so many ways to make a mistake which might turn into a disaster, that even best of you might fail. My task is to minimize the risk. You might say: “the printer’s prepress should warn me against potential risks”, true, but every printer has their standard checklist to do, they vary from one to another. I use software here in order to preflight the files even before prepress gets them. Moreover, prepress people are not artists. Not all aspects of print are purely technical. Oftentimes they need a look from the point of view of a creator. I think with my designer background I can be helpful here.