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I have been committed to printing since 2007 and to be honest, I have learned my lessons! Printing is not easy business. Looking at all the companies trying to make it easy for you by guaranteeing smooth and swift success, I can say, this is not that simple. It needs effort, knowledge and experience. Nevertheless, there are ways to satisfy customers in the end and this is where I step in.

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I am a book freak

Most of my projects are made in digital short-run print. I am committed to work with, which is my home base and mother company. Every now and then however, there happens a project, which cannot, for multiple reasons, be printed in digital print. This is either due to its print run, artwork type, color requirements or simply customer’s whim. This is why I needed to establish Printing Solutions to work with offset printers to get the job done.

I cannot offer every service.


I am not interested in offering every service. In my support I would like to focus on book production. Sporadically I also manage print of advertising catalogues or packaging but generally, yes, I am a book freak.